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January 30 , 2013

Representatives Paul Stam and Nelson Dollar have introduced a bill to repeal N.C. S.L. 2011-7. The repeal would allow the Red Route to be studied and constructed.

Text of introduced bill:


January 25 , 2013

At a January 22nd meeting the Garner Town Council approved an official position AGAINST the repeal of N.C. S.L. 2011-7.

The statement also includes certain requests to legislators and the NCDOT in the case that the law is repealed. These include legislative oversight of any study, and the NCDOT submission of previous routes.

We would like to thank Senator Barefoot for recommending the legislative oversight request to the town. Senator Barefoot has been a huge help to us since he took office January 9th and like the Town of Garner is opposed to the repeal.

Garner's Letter to the NC General Assembly

December 29, 2012

According to public records: John Collett a wealthy real estate developer and a member of the NCDOT Board of Transportation and the NC Turnpike Authority Board of Directors, owns millions of dollars of land all along the Red Route. This is a huge conflict of interest.

The Red Route appeared shortly after Collett was appointed to the NC Turnpike Authority Board of Directors. The proposed highway would bring thousands of people through his shopping center (White Oak) on a daily basis. Collett sold a large portion of the shopping center to Inland American for $95 million in August 2011. He still owns several pieces of land (over 100 acres) worth millions of dollars in the shopping center through Garner Land Company LLC and Garner Retail LLC. He recently acquired 3 pieces of land at the corner of 401 and Ten-Ten Road that will be just a few hundred yards South of the proposed highway that he owns through 401 & TEN TEN, LLC.

To see for yourself, search for properties owned by Garner Land Company and Garner Retail on the Wake County GIS map: The real estate ID numbers are: 0003987, 0406494, 0406493, 0406455, 0297980. The properties on 401 are: 0408932, 0408933, and 0009716. You can look up the ownership of his companies on the NC Secretary of State website here: and here:

401 & TEN TEN, LLC. ( is registered through Collett's attorney. Notice principle address listed for the company is the address of Collett & Associates - John Collett's real estate development company:

Map of Land Associated with John Collett

Map of White Oak Shopping Center

* Land bordered in red frame was sold to Inland American by John Collett for $95 million. Land bordered in yellow is still owned by John Collett.

Map of 401 and Ten-Ten Road

* Land bordered in yellow is owned by John Collett.

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Please tell your legislators, policy makers, and the NCDOT you will not stand for this.

December 12, 2012

It looks like our Red Route troubles are not over. CAMPO has voted in favor of having our law taken off the books. This means that they will be petitioning the legislature to take the law that prevents the Red Route from being built off t he books. Please remind your legislators that this law protects jobs, businesses, churches, families, and homes and that they did the right thing when they passed it. If you know anyone on the Red Route, please invite them to join this Facebook page so they can keep updated.

News & Observer:
News & Observer CAMPO article:

April 12, 2012

While state law should be protecting the Red Route from study, it appears that the Turnpike Authority and NCDOT still plan on submitting the Red Route and a new version - the Red Modified Route to federal regulators.

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