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What's at stake?

The NCDOT wants to build a 6 lane highway directly through the Town of Garner.

In January 2011 the NCDOT narrowed down the proposed 540 Southeast Extension routes to 2 choices - the Orange Route and the Red Route. The Orange Route has been protected by the NCDOT since the 1990's preventing residential and commercial construction and development. The Red Route cuts through numerous homes and businesses.
The North Carolina Legislature passed a law to protect Garner and the families on the Red Route.

N.C. S.L. 2011-7 was signed into law to prevent the construction or study of any part of the NC 540 Southeast Extension north of the Orange Route. The bill passed unanimously in the Senate and passed one vote short of unanimously in the House.

The NCDOT and CAMPO are now campaigning to have the law repealed.

In August the NC Turnpike Authority disregarded the law and sent a proposal to federal regulators to regain federal funding for the road. The Red Route and several other routes north of the Orange Route were included in this proposal. Federal regulators were unable to seriously consider these routes due to the law and again threatened to pull funding. This lead CAMPO (Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization) to call for the appeal of N.C. S.L. 2011-7 so that the Red Route and others north of the Orange Route could again be studied and constructed.
If the law is repealed and the Red Route is built, an entire town will be cut in half.

Local businesses, a business park, churches, and over 1000 homes will be bulldozed. The NCDOT will give families just 90 days notice before they are forced out of their homes.

What's at stake
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